"ionic serve" hangs


This is my first time using ionic, Also, the first time I try building a smartphone application and it’s for my senior project.

anyway… I keep having this problem with ionic serve command

this is the ionic info

I couldn’t find a solution for this problem and I don’t know if I made problems with the installation, as it’s my first time I’m kind of lost.

You could try ionic serve --browser="chrome" or another browser as target (safari, firefox).
If your browser does not open, try to open http://localhost:8100/manually in your browser.

For the warning with PostCss you find the solution here: Pls help me sir

If Nexi’s suggestions don’t help, try running npm run ionic:serve and see if this works. If it does, please report an issue for ionic-cli on Github so this can get fixed. Thank you.

I tried both suggestions and still doesn’t work, the application does open on the browser but the cmd still hangs.

This is the first time you mention this. What do you mean by that?