Serve not working


serve no error but not running auto exit ionic

[15:15:09] watch started …
[15:15:09] build dev started …
[15:15:09] clean started …
[15:15:09] clean finished in 2 ms
[15:15:09] copy started …
[15:15:11] deeplinks started …
[15:15:11] deeplinks finished in 35 ms
[15:15:11] transpile started …
[15:15:40] transpile finished in 29.57 s
[15:15:40] preprocess started …
[15:15:40] preprocess finished in 2 ms
[15:15:40] webpack started …
[15:15:44] copy finished in 34.65 s
[15:15:52] webpack finished in 11.67 s
[15:15:52] sass started …
[15:15:59] sass finished in 7.49 s
[15:15:59] postprocess started …
[15:16:00] postprocess finished in 87 ms
[15:16:00] lint started …
[15:16:00] build dev finished in 50.61 s
[15:16:00] watch ready in 51.56 s
[15:16:00] dev server running: http://localhost:8100/

[OK] Development server running!
Local: http://localhost:8100
DevApp: myApp@8100 on design01-pc


What command are you using??
Can you show the screen shot of your CLI.



I don’t see any error in your logs. after the ionic serve. try open the http://localhost:8100/ in the browser. let us know what you are getting. or if u can attach the screenshot of your CLI it might help.



ionic serve



no error display Untitled


do ionic serve your application will open in the browser. if not after ionic serve
manually open the following link in browser http://localhost:8100

try the following link it will help you.


while I using http://localhost:81001 This link it shows error like this “site can’t be reached”.
if I using “npm run ionic:serve” it works but I could not build .



It says the server is running. What is the problem?


You can check antivirus and firewall rules!
Its a weird thing server being shutdown automatically!


Just make sure that
c:\windows\system32 is in the PATH environment variable… If not put it there and then restart the console.