Ionic run livereload connection error


I am trying to run ionic run android --livereload, it’s working fine, the URL it’s giving is:
When I am running this command the application is up, there is black blank app background. after some seconds i get error alert:
“Application Error”: "The connection to the server was unsuccessful. ("
After more some seconds (not clicked “OK” button) I have this error:
“Application Error”: “net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT(”

I am using ubuntu, I tried active firewall (tcp ports 8100, 35729) and disable it, I tried ionic address - 2 choices: localhost,, and when I’m choosing localhost, in android it’s still and not localhost

What should I do?



I don’t know if you were able to solve this or not, but I discovered your post when I encountered the exact same problem. It’s an issue with the white-list cordova plugin not being configured correctly. Here’s an article I found about it:

It’s number 10 on the list.

This appears to have fixed the problem for me.


Same issue. thanks anyway…


Hey, Can you tell me exactly what i need to do to resolve this issue. I couldn’t find out what to do… Thanks in advance


Try to add the white-list plugin of cordova.


Thanks. Although it wasn’t the issue with cordova whitelist plugin


Were you ever able to get this working? I’m having the same issue as well.



I was wondering as well! Having the same problem


Same issue here. Thanks.


Same issue today… When will it be fixed?


Is there anyone solve this problem?