Application Error; Error connection timed out

Hi all, I’m new Ionic framework. Im trying to debug using the livereload, but everytime I end up with the following error. Can anyone please help me how to get rid of this error.
I will give any more details if required


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I am having this problem too with Ionic CLI 2.0.0-beta.23
Apps will timeout if I run it with livereload and console like so:

ionic run android -l -c

But the app will run fine with just:

ionic run android

But then I won’t be able to see console output… any idea?

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Found the cause… Windows firewall is blocking Ionic server port.

Once I opened the port in windows firewall, the app loads successfully…



I resolved it with opening port 8100 on my ubuntu pc os:
sudo ufw allow 8100

So should i off my windows firewall ?