Ionic remote build


I seem to rember that there is a way to build a ios version of my app on my windows machine if only I have a mac with some remote software (?) in my network. Does this approach only apply to ppl developing in visual studio (with I do not) or is it somehow possible thru ionic-cli?


To build an iOS app with Ionic Framework or without, you obviously need a MAC with Xcode application installed.
You can also generate your app package with this PhoneGap Builder service but don’t expect much from it:


Yes. I know. I do have a mac with xcode. But I’m developing on a windows machine and want to remote build on the mac.


You can actually use TACO to do this in Visual Studio. These instructions go through the steps necessary to set up everything on both ends.


This link should help you out in many ways. Make sure you follow each step without skipping any. Works wonderfully for me on Ionic 1.

One thing that is not mentioned here is to enable Web View Client in safari settings. Which I learnt from my output window in VS15.