Migration from Angular to React

Hi all,

We are very happy to hear that Ionic is now available to use with ReactJS.

This brings the question for our use case where we have a big app written in Angular, but now we would like to switch that to ReactJS, is there a recommended way to progressively add ReactJS components into our Ionic project so that we can progressively switch to ReactJS?

We cannot afford a complete re-write as this would mean shutting down the roadmap for months to come which on the business side of things is not quite an option.

Any tips on the right way to do this?


Hi @Fl0ow did you find any solution for this?

Hi @madhurgarg, unfortunately no, haven’t heard anything, you would think this is the kind of stuff that would get people’s attention or the Ionic team’s attention since Angular is pretty much abandoned but so many applications still rely on it :sweat_smile:

And yet… Complete radio silence from both the community and from the Ionic team.

@Fl0ow Sad to know this :confused:

Err, “abandoned” by whom, exactly?

Angular abandoned? Lol you’re misinformed and what you are asking wouldn’t get no ones attention, it’s just a common question that gets asked many many times. Good luck with react!

I’m not going to get into the details of that, I think many people can have their opinion and assessment of what they see online.

But I do wish to find a way to do this in Ionic regardless, and so far our efforts have proven unsuccessful, one example being during the build process.