Facebook Reactive/React Native vs Google Angular/Ionic: Predictions

React has been out for two years and still only has about 20% of the market share of Angular if you do a job search on Indeed.com. In theory, React has a much shorter learning curve than Angular, as it is a lot closer to say. JQuery concepts, without the concept of factories, services, scopes, etc. But in practice, it hasn’t really gained the same adaptation of Angular, partly because it does not cover the full MVC concept, partly because Angular is just . . .plain amazing once you get used to it. The complete separation of HTML views and Javascript services is revolutionary.

Reactive Native is basically, Appcelerator Titanium with React API. It will recompile your JS code into fully native apps, instead of a web page wrapper like Cordova/Phonegap. This has significant advantage in performance, at the cost of compatibility.

What I would like to see:

Google buys Ionic and coupled with Angular 2, one platform to rule them all.
Facebook releases the official Facebook app as a 100% React Native app, and React/ React Native dominates as the top choice.

What will probably happen:

Neither company is 100% serious about these projects, and we continue to have flawed products and a divided market . . .

Seriously, jokes aside, I am still waiting for that hero app for hybrid platforms. It is funny in gaming (which requires much more performance), both Cocos2D and Unity 3D have countless top 10 grossing games with tens of millions of downloads to prove their dominance.

In apps, we are still waiting for a hero app for Ionic and/or React Native, and no Facebook Ad Manager is not it.


I am not sure why this topic has not got any attentions from experts here.

For React Native looks promising and I see that Facebook is committed on its React framework.

Currently I could not get my hands dirty with React as it’s available only for iOS. Will surely try out when the Android version is out.

I think this is an important discussion - http://jlongster.com/First-Impressions-using-React-Native

what about swift now? they are open source and soon will be releasing swift core so you can build for android as well?

What about Angular-Meteor with the Ionic package now?

I’m a HUGE fan of Meteor, and a pretty big fan of Ionic (guess which makes me have to like Angular too). I’ve been searching madly for the solution mentioned here … and seems like Meteor-Angular + Ionic could be the nearest future answer?

My angular/ionic and meteor skills are not very fluent though, haven’t had a chance to really go at this, anyone else have tried and have some comments and feedbacks?

One app to rule them all!! my precious!!! please happen.