Ionic react upgrade

we have an old app that was built when ionic-react was in beta. I ran the command like

npm update @ionic/react@latest --save
  1. Even after this command i do not see any changes in the package.json.
  2. I have usually seen clean version upgrade plans from Ionic however I cant see any such document this time.
  3. If I update the versions of other packages manually such as "@ionic/react": "^0.0.5" to "@ionic/react": "4.11.0" and "@types/react-router-dom": "^4.3.1", my app crashes.

I am unable to find versions of other dependencies that are compatible with each other. Any suggestions?

you can try creating a new project and look at the package.json file from the new project to find the correct versions

I did that and realised that IonAnchor is not there anymore, and signature of IonApp has changed as well. My app has so many errors to fix, I have seen Angular and React follow this idea of smooth migration however in Ionic I am unable to find the migration and upgrade plan from Ionic/react beta to latest version. Can anyone in the forum suggest if there is any prescribed approach?