Updating Ionic 2 beta versions

I’m new to Ionic, Node and NPM. I have been working on a sample Ionic 2 app for a while and want to upgrade as the new betas come out. How do I update versions of Ionic? I have found several blog posts but nothing seems to update the version I’m using.

npm outdated -g

Package        Current         Wanted  Latest  Location
express         4.13.3         4.13.3  4.13.4  
ionic    2.0.0-beta.17  2.0.0-beta.17  1.7.14  
npm              3.7.1          3.7.1   3.6.0  

Even creating a new ionic site using:

ionic start foo sidemenu --ts --v2

And checking the outdated packages:

npm outdated

Package                  Current          Wanted          Latest  Location
angular2            2.0.0-beta.1    2.0.0-beta.1    2.0.0-beta.2  foo
es6-shim                 0.33.13         0.33.13          0.34.2  foo
ionic-framework   2.0.0-alpha.53  2.0.0-alpha.53  2.0.0-alpha.54  foo
reflect-metadata           0.1.2           0.1.2           0.1.3  foo
rxjs                5.0.0-beta.0    5.0.0-beta.0    5.0.0-beta.1  foo
typescript                 1.7.5           1.8.0           1.7.5  foo
zone.js                   0.5.10          0.5.10          0.5.13  foo

I have attempted to update the packages.json, but can’t find the correct values. Is there documentation somewhere on how to update versions somewhere that I’m missing?

Sorry for such a basic question, but can’t get this working!


Read this tutorial: http://www.gajotres.net/ionic-2-how-to-update-your-application-project-and-cli/

We have a resource here that explains NPM a little more in detail: http://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/resources/using-npm/

And you may also find my post on this topic helpful:

We’re working on making this process easier.

brandyshea - That is what I was missing… I thought

npm install -g ionic@beta

was updating the ionic-framework. So I was expecting “beta” to be in the version string instead of “alpha”…

  "devDependencies": {
  // List of devDependencies
  "dependencies": {
    "ionic-framework": "2.0.0-alpha.54"
  // and anything else