How to update ionic 4 project to latest beta release?

I updated ionic globally to v4 beta.3 a week ago and created a new project. How can I update my project to beta.5? I ran

npm install -g ionic@latest as well as npm install --save ionic@latest but when I opened my package.json in my project it doesn’t look like anything changed. I’m sure this is a stupid question but I’m lost and hoping someone can point me in the right direction when it comes to updating my project the same way as creating a new one with ionic start.


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First way, with cmd, like:

 npm rm @ionic/angular --save
 npm install @ionic/angular --save

Second way, the “clean sheet” way:

edit manually package.json and change the version according what you want, like changing 4.0.0-beta.3 to 4.0.0-beta.5


 rm -r node_modules
 rm package-lock.json
 npm install

conz: it wipe all libs and will recreate a new lock file, so in the meantime you could receive other dependencies update
pro: it makes every dependencies clean again

I use this method these days with beta because then I’m sure I’m up-to-date and won’t discover later some weird issue with a dependencies, but well like I said, there are some conz

Alternative: use ncu ( In any case actually, I love ncu, it really helps me each week to follow updates or at least to see which of the dependencies I used moved

important note if you want to upgrade to beta.5 from beta.3, note that you should also check if you are using typescript v2.9.2 and angular >= 6.1, if not they should be upgraded too

I hope it helps


I use two other methods to update Ionic (Angular) that may help:

  1. Angular Cli
    Use Angular CLI to update Angular dependencies.
    Juste type $ ng update and follow instructions
  2. Ionic Conference App
    Check Ionic Conference App Demo package.json
    This App is updated regurarly by the Ionic team in order to follow releases.
    Copy dependencies versions and paste it un your project package.json.
    Then run $ npm install, if something fails during update (which generally does), just delete /node_modules folder and run $ npm install again.
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Another npm-check-updates-based method:

npm i -g npm-check-updates
npm-check-updates -u
npm install

Use at your own risk!

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