Ionic React App build signed apk but after install app does not appear anywhere only in manage app

Hi, I’ve build an app with Ionic, React and capacitor 3 and build the app with android studio signed but after install app appears only in settings manage apps and I can only uninstall it.

No errors while build, no errors while installing.

I need help


  "private": true,
  "version": "0.0.1",
  "name": "recheck-ionic",
  "description": "An Ionic project",
  "scripts": {
    "dev": "react-scripts start",
    "build": "react-scripts build",
    "test": "react-scripts test",
    "eject": "react-scripts eject",
    "lint": "eslint . --ext .js,.jsx,.ts,.tsx --quiet",
    "lint-fix": "eslint . --ext .js,.jsx,.ts,.tsx --fix",
    "format": "prettier --write \"./src/**/*.{js,ts,jsx,tsx}\""
  "dependencies": {
    "@capacitor/android": "3.1.2",
    "@capacitor/app": "1.0.2",
    "@capacitor/core": "3.1.2",
    "@capacitor/haptics": "1.0.2",
    "@capacitor/ios": "^3.1.2",
    "@capacitor/keyboard": "1.0.2",
    "@capacitor/push-notifications": "^1.0.3",
    "@capacitor/status-bar": "1.0.2",
    "@ionic-native/fingerprint-aio": "^5.35.0",
    "@ionic-native/native-storage": "^5.35.0",
    "@ionic-native/qr-scanner": "^5.35.0",
    "@ionic/react": "^5.5.0",
    "@ionic/react-router": "^5.5.0",
    "@ionic/storage": "^3.0.6",
    "aes256": "^1.1.0",
    "cordova-plugin-fingerprint-aio": "^4.0.2",
    "cordova-plugin-nativestorage": "^2.3.2",
    "cordova-plugin-qrscanner": "^3.0.1",
    "i18next": "^20.4.0",
    "i18next-resources-to-backend": "^1.0.0",
    "ionicons": "^5.4.0",
    "jetifier": "^2.0.0",
    "node-sass": "^6.0.1",
    "react": "^17.0.1",
    "react-dom": "^17.0.1",
    "react-hook-form": "^7.12.2",
    "react-i18next": "^11.11.4",
    "react-router": "^5.2.0",
    "react-router-dom": "^5.2.0",
    "react-scripts": "4.0.3",
    "recheck-clientjs-library": "^1.0.23-beta.1",
    "typescript": "^4.1.3"
  "devDependencies": {
    "@capacitor/cli": "3.1.2",
    "@testing-library/jest-dom": "^5.11.9",
    "@testing-library/react": "^11.2.5",
    "@testing-library/user-event": "^12.6.3",
    "@types/jest": "^26.0.20",
    "@types/node": "^12.19.15",
    "@types/react": "^16.14.3",
    "@types/react-dom": "^16.9.10",
    "@types/react-router": "^5.1.11",
    "@types/react-router-dom": "^5.1.7",
    "@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin": "^4.29.0",
    "eslint-config-airbnb": "^18.2.1",
    "eslint-config-prettier": "^8.3.0",
    "eslint-plugin-import": "^2.23.4",
    "eslint-plugin-jest": "^24.4.0",
    "eslint-plugin-json": "^3.0.0",
    "eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y": "^6.4.1",
    "eslint-plugin-prettier": "^3.4.0",
    "eslint-plugin-react": "^7.24.0",
    "eslint-plugin-react-hooks": "^4.2.0",
    "prettier": "^2.3.2",
    "prettier-eslint": "^13.0.0"
  "eslintConfig": {
    "extends": [
  "browserslist": {
    "production": [
      "not dead",
      "not op_mini all"
    "development": [
      "last 1 chrome version",
      "last 1 firefox version",
      "last 1 safari version"

   Ionic CLI       : 6.16.3 (/Users/byurhanbeyzat/.nvm/versions/node/v16.3.0/lib/node_modules/@ionic/cli)
   Ionic Framework : @ionic/react 5.6.13


   Capacitor CLI      : 3.1.2
   @capacitor/android : 3.1.2
   @capacitor/core    : 3.1.2
   @capacitor/ios     : 3.1.2


   cordova-res : not installed globally
   native-run  : 1.4.0


   NodeJS : v16.3.0 (/Users/byurhanbeyzat/.nvm/versions/node/v16.3.0/bin/node)
   npm    : 7.15.1
   OS     : macOS Big Sur

Is this only appearing on your own device or is the problem also occurring on an emulator?

This might help:

As of Android Q, at least one of the app’s activities or synthesized activities appears in the returned list [from getActivityList()] unless the app satisfies at least one of the following conditions:

  • The app is a system app.
  • The app doesn’t request any permissions.
  • The app doesn’t have a launcher activity that is enabled by default. A launcher activity has an intent containing the ACTION_MAIN action and the CATEGORY_LAUNCHER category.

Additionally, the system hides synthesized activities for some or all apps in the following enterprise-related cases:

  • If the device is a fully managed device, no synthesized activities for any app appear in the returned list.
  • If the current user has a work profile, no synthesized activities for the user’s work apps appear in the returned list.

Maybe it is possible that you have something enabled from the first list, or don’t have something from the second one.

Probably the most obvious one is that somehow your AndroidManifest.xml was modified, and you’re missing these from it:

    <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
    <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />

Here’s an example manifest file for reference:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<manifest package="io.ionic.starter" xmlns:android="">
    <application android:allowBackup="true" android:icon="@mipmap/ic_launcher" android:label="@string/app_name" android:roundIcon="@mipmap/ic_launcher_round" android:supportsRtl="true" android:theme="@style/AppTheme" android:usesCleartextTraffic="true">
        <activity android:configChanges="orientation|keyboardHidden|keyboard|screenSize|locale|smallestScreenSize|screenLayout|uiMode" android:label="@string/title_activity_main" android:launchMode="singleTask" android:name="io.ionic.starter.MainActivity" android:theme="@style/AppTheme.NoActionBarLaunch">
                <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
                <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />
        <provider android:authorities="${applicationId}.fileprovider" android:exported="false" android:grantUriPermissions="true" android:name="androidx.core.content.FileProvider">
            <meta-data android:name="" android:resource="@xml/file_paths" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
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Yeah, I just found the solution on stackoverflow

Problem was exactly that broke this part while adding deeplink things

    <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
    <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />