Trouble while setting up the environment

I’m actually having trouble while setting up my work environment on visual studio code.
My actual problem is related to a folder and a file that cannot be found while running ‘npx cap run android’ no such file or directory, open ‘\android\app\src\main\assets\capacitor.plugins.json’
I’m really worried that this will not be the last problem that I will encounter.

You first start by reading the docs: Installing Capacitor | Capacitor Documentation

Already did that. I don’t know what’s wrong in what i did.

Then start from step 1. We aren’t able to help you much either, your error is vaguely general. We can’t guess what you did wrong during installing.

Okay, I figured out that I was doing some steps that i had already done because I first created the app from ‘Appflow Dashboard’ and then i cloned the repo in a local folder.
I guess that I don’t need ’ Installing Capacitor’ right?