Looking for a quick start for @ionic/react

I’m trying to follow the few instructions here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@ionic/react

So i first used create-react-app, then installed @ionic/latest @ionic/core and@ionic/react

Then executed ionic init (custom)

ionic capacitor add android
ionic capacitor copy
ionic capacitor run

but at this point my vojage stopeed

> $ ionic capacitor run
? What platform would you like to run? android
[ERROR] Cannot perform build.

        Since you're using the custom project type, you must provide the ionic:build npm script so the Ionic CLI can
        build your project.

I don’t find how to add this build command…

I added this to package.jsonn scritps

  "ionic:build": "react-scripts build"

Running again ionic capacitor run android i got warning about need of router module

Cannot find module: 'react-router'. Make sure this package is installed.

You can install this package by running: yarn add react-router.

So I executed

npm add react-router --save

And re-runn ionic capacitor run android

It did a LOT of things, and also opened automatically Android Studio (I was using Vs Code on Windows 10) when the build phase began.It also downloaded a LOT of packages related to Android from official Google repository.

I at last, faced with this error

Cannot load module file ‘C:/Progetti/ionic/ionic-react/android/android.iml’:
File C:\Progetti\ionic\ionic-react\android\android.iml does not exist
Would you like to remove module ‘android’ from the project?

Any Idea of what was the attended procedure ?