Ionic push notification iOS not delivered. Message error 'UNKNOWN'


Hi. I’m sending ionic push with ios, but its not delivered. When i check message status with API it returns

“meta”: {
“version”: “2.0.0-beta.0”,
“status”: 200,

“data”: [
“user_id”: null,
“token”: {

“invalidated”: null,

“type”: “ios”,
“created”: “2016-10-22T06:24:18.673121+00:00”,
“valid”: true
“error”: “UNKNOWN”,
“created”: “2016-10-22T06:27:04.936177+00:00”,

“status”: “error”


Hi, im experiencing the same problem. Did you ever solve it?


Actually i didn’t found solution, but it resolved somehow. It was on dev environment. But when i creatw prod profile it started to work on both environments.


Hi, thanks for the info and the sam just happened to me :slight_smile: