Ionic Push API - error: UNKNOWN

Any thoughts on why I am getting the response error: UKNOWN with my Push response from Ionic?

It appears that my token is valid, however, no pushes are being recieved. Has anyone else seen this issue before?

    	"data": [{
    		"created": "2017-03-09T20:32:55.855908+00:00",
    		"user_id": null,
    		"uuid": "XXXXXXXXXXXX",
    		"notification": "d4847466-5960-42df-b0d8-5a5e46249632",
    		"token": {
    			"created": "2017-03-09T19:04:58.773064+00:00",
    			"app_id": "XXXXXXXX",
    			"valid": true,
    			"invalidated": null,
    			"token": "1e96de0f144264ea72f706fa599159e4230face78c3c352086ddfea4bd378acc",
    			"id": "420494550fa1c2027e966942f289d7d0",
    			"type": "ios"
    		"error": "UNKNOWN",
    		"status": "error"
    	"meta": {
    		"version": "2.0.0-beta.0",
    		"status": 200,
    		"request_id": "27b6013d-48f0-4879-c825-dcebc05eb287"

FYI, if you are getting this error - I was able to correct it be reloading my APNS cert. That cleared it all up.