Ionic 1 - Push Notification


I am using Ionic 1, implement feature Push Notification, testing my in the iOS, iphone 6s

following this article everything works just fine until today, mobile has stopped receiving messages,

sending push notification message looks fine, I got this response { "meta": { "status": 201, "request_id": "2dbdf53c-0e99-46c2-a8e9-cb5f63633476", "version": "2.0.0-beta.0" }, "data": { "created": "2016-08-26T07:30:54.567759+00:00", "state": "enqueued", "uuid": "8438b9a8-28ea-4695-8c69-c677e36f1e6f", "status": "open", "app_id": "982cdbb0", "config": { "profile": "ionic_push_service_pro", "notification": { "ios": { "payload": { "message": "this is a sample message" }, "sound": "ios-sound.wav", "badge": 0, "title": "test", "priority": 10, "message": "this is a sample message" } }, "tokens": [ "149f5a00720e8926ffc3aaf4f64c7300e1561a49cbef320c9616b32e93761c33" ] } } }
checking the status of the message, sometimes I got this { "data": [], "meta": { "status": 200, "version": "2.0.0-beta.0", "request_id": "f50cc4c2-8e1f-45dd-bb7d-607c21112bb0" } }
but sometimes I got this
{ "data": [ { "notification": "1fe602ab-ad4f-4517-81c3-8b6d962d0505", "token": { "token": "0c030e2f15973406b0e14fdb3f16c2f6a25f764c5fb64eef690a0980a7b9f688", "app_id": "982cdbb0", "valid": true, "created": "2016-08-26T03:49:56.103048+00:00", "type": "ios", "id": "bd3700601c3c734dea8b76f99e353395", "invalidated": null }, "status": "sent", "uuid": "d0007619-76a1-46ea-a465-5abd2742afda", "created": "2016-08-26T08:16:30.197967+00:00", "error": null, "user_id": null } ], "meta": { "status": 200, "version": "2.0.0-beta.0", "request_id": "28aa3921-1d14-430c-b82a-9f4719c41626" } }
both return 200, but I never receive message in my device, please help anything I might miss or need to check.


Hello Ito, to add the information, it also occurs on Android. In my database, I store the push tokens for all users (androids and ios multiple versions) and when I need to send notifications to some of them, just one them be with the “data” null field, the notification does not follow for any of the tokens. In my view, if this problem of the “data” field be null, it was to push for it to be ignored and send to others. This, of course, as this problem is not corrected. Worst I have no way to verify which users are with this problem and I will not send one by one each push on a loop due to the number of requests getting high.

I feel like the Push Notification service is not stable and realiable, I did following exactly the guidelines and that did work okay, someday it stops working without any reasion

Hello, we are dealing about it here: