Problem getting Push to work on iOS (ionic2 cloud)

I am pretty sure I have all my certs setup properly, the app is registering (I see the user under the Auth section and see its push token). I can even send push notifications using a script from ( But if I try to send it via Ionic’s push service no push is received.

Has anyone run into this problem?

Thank you.

I used the ionic push api to get status on the push message I attempted to send, this is what was returned
{“data”: {“uuid”: “09c8b1b0-3b4c-4c21-945b-89ef03cfe23a”, “created”: “2017-03-03T22:27:37.727379+00:00”, “status”: “locked”, “app_id”: “3a1826ef”, “config”: {“tokens”: [“eb1535aa79a008c091a6c385545cf6f9f1ac1d17a9f10929164eee6fad0b460d”], “profile”: “dev”, “notification”: {“message”: “message”, “title”: “title”}}, “state”: “enqueued”}, “meta”: {“request_id”: “98fe576b-367d-45a6-c587-b4589c25e690”, “version”: “2.0.0-beta.0”, “status”: 200}}

What does status : ‘locked’ mean?
Did I get blacklisted or something?