Ionic Pro Deploy for Android -- working on ios can't get to to work on Android

I’ve installed the plugin as recommended in the ‘set up ionic deploy’ window found on the channels page of the dashboard.

When I update and deploy a commit to the production channel, the update appears on my ios device, but does not show up on my android Pixel2.

I’ve checked the logs and see that the plugin is running and there’s this message:

11-20 12:05:05.562 11322-11424/org.gds.hop I/IONIC.DEPLOY.POST_CHECK_RES: {
                                                                            "meta": {
                                                                              "status": 200,
                                                                              "request_id": null,
                                                                              "version": "2.0.0-sdlc-beta.0"
                                                                            "data": {
                                                                              "compatible": true,
                                                                              "available": false,
                                                                              "snapshot": null

Any ideas about what to do – configs or workarounds to get this functioning?