Live deploy Doesn’t work on android

I have done all instructions and set to update app automatically.

I have added app ID and add nesessary plugins.

In ionic dashboard I see my last commit deployed to both master and production.

On iOS it works good. I see update after closing app and open again. But on Android there is no any changes.

What I’m doing wrong?

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Same here, live updates not working.

Please describe what you did to implement the functionality.

For good measure, include your ionic info output.

Hey, we just went through a similar situation and for us it turned out we had a typo in our appId. The server still returned a 200 response with the exact same body as you as showing. Hope this helps.

In any case, the server should not reply with 200 for an invalid app id.

Hey @suitespot , I’ll check that – in which file was the typo?

Could you do me a favor and post what you get back from ionic cordova plugin ls
I’m also thinking it might be that one of my plugin versions is causing a conflict.


@sheamus - Our typo was in the value of the “APP_ID” variable we passed to the “cordova-ionic-plugin”. That value is then copied in the platform specific projects that are created during the ionic cordova build process.

The response that you are getting from the server seems to indicate that either your request is not good or there is no snapshot available in the channel you are requesting. A good response would have the “available” field set to true and the “snapshot” set to the UUID of the snapshot and you would also receive a “url” field set to the url where the snapshot can be downloaded from.

@suitespot So I finally got it to work, but it wasn’t the app id.

I ended up removing all the plugins and platforms, and then re-adding those to the project.
Turns out I had the plugin cordova-plugin-console which was actually conflicting with the version of cordova I had installed. I don’t know if it was actually removing that plugin or something else, but I ended up not re-adding that plugin and the android live deploy started working.

Either way, works now. Thanks for your input!

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Glad to hear it works. I would bet is the adding and removing the platforms. That has helped us in a lot of such voodoo situations :slight_smile: