Ionic Pro an Push notifications, shutdown of Ionic Push

Hi guys,

Push notifications disappear with Ionic Pro or follow? If so, will they be in the free or paid version? I just do not see anything about it


I was also wondering the same thing when I was reading the docs. I recently contacted Ionic support regarding the monthly push notification limits. Their response contained this message:

However, l please be aware that we are shutting this whole platform down on January 31, 2018. The new platform, Ionic Pro, will not contain push notifications. For this reason, honestly I would recommend looking for another provider for push notifications.

So it’s pretty safe to say that there won’t be any push notification services in Ionic Pro.

So they remove authentication and push notifications? Great…

Do you know another provider for push notifications that run good with ionic? Thx @shimshinatti

I have the same problem… I spended a lot of time in google trying to find anothe provider, and find this solution
Today will try to use in applpications…

Hi @novnip

U don’t think in firebase notifications?

Onesignal, Amazon SNS and Firebase are probably the most commonly used. But there are loads of others.

Isn’t FCM the most obvious solution, as you have to setup FCM anyways for the android platform?

I started using OneSignal. It provides an easily usable Ionic API and REST API, much like how it’s done with Ionic Cloud Client.

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i think the same… FCM is a good idea, and I’m using this for authentication too. Someone have a basic example with Firebase?

Mmmmm… why do you think that OneSignal is betther than FCM?

Wow really? No push… I thought their early info mentioned that they were migrating push notifications to ionic pro.

Damn that’s the only thing I use ionic cloud services for, what a pain in the a.

EDIT - actually I just re-read that info from July, they only mentioned Push not push notifications. That was very poorly communicated, they mention that Auth is not going forward but nothing about push notifications, really regret investing time on that now.

OneSignal uses FCM, similar to how Ionic’s Push service worked.

Same surprise for me, I discovered ionic beta plugin firebase. Did someone try it ?

It uses cordova plugin firebase whereas ionic push seems to use phonegap-plugin-push.

I’ll try it…

Yes, I signed up for pro to ensure that I retain the push Ionic service and was surprised to see it is not there. The reason why I thought it would be there is because it was specifically mentioned in this article Where we’re going with “Cloud” “Push continues to be the most popular service of the suite, and we’re excited about taking that further and supporting web push and deeper integration into ionic.” Did I misinterpret it? I was also a bit disappointed to see that there are no migration for apps from the “legacy” platform…

Well, that sucks to hear …

How do you know this will not be supplied in the >4 months until the old service will actually be deprecated? Do you have more information than we here have in that this will not be provided? Was this requested anywhere yet by anyone?

Besides the current Ionic Pro site and documentation not mentioning Push and the quote @shimshinatti, do we have any confirmation that Ionic Push really is going away?

I am in no way saying that the Ionic Pro launch was done in a great way, but working on assumptions and hearsay is not the best idea, ever.

See the comment of @shimshinatti

Ionic Pro an Push notifications, shutdown of Ionic Push

… which I referred to in my post. That is one quote, which could have been caused by a support person not knowing their stuff. Did anyone else get a confirmation that there will be no push in Ionic Pro?

(Not that I think this is a really needed product, as the logic is all in the Cordova plugin and it actually doesn’t really what server triggers the sending of push notifications)

Hi Sujan, I completely agree that it is premature to make these assumptions, but this is a paid service. I think the concern here is more regarding customer expectations and being able to make informed decisions before making a financial commitment.

I fully agree - that’s why I asked if anybody else besides @shimshinatti got confirmation that Push is not part of Ionic Pro in any way when the old system will be deactivated. I myself didn’t get that confirmation yet from an official source. If anybody else did, we have 2 sources which allows this topic this to go from speculation to justified concern.