Ionic Pro an Push notifications, shutdown of Ionic Push


Now the confirmation is officially there:

I think the 3 services Max suggests are very valid choices and they all offer more and better features than Ionic Push ever did. You might even be able to not really change much in your for Amazon and Firebase.


Personally, I think the OneSignal and Firebase native plugins look way nicer and simpler to use than the “old” way. Now I just gotta find the time to implement one! :slight_smile:


As our backend stack is C# (ASP/MVC) we’re planning on using Azure (which in turn links to FCM and APPL own backend) Azure provides some nice stuff–if you’re already using any of it, like AppInsights etc.

I understand you can also link your FCM to APPL to push to iOS too, but have read articles saying it wasn’t that great–but, haven’t tried it myself.

I will say we have had some challenges with the Azure plugin from MS. But, we’re getting on top of it now.


Wow, I have been on vacation and I see that there is finally official notification.Pushs notifications disappears.

I will try too with OneSignal! Have you tried it yet?


Haven’t yet, too much other stuff to do - but I haven’t changed my mind and I’m still going for OneSignal :stuck_out_tongue:


But if OneSignal uses FCM, why no use only FCM?


In my opinion the Ionic Native plugin for OneSignal seems way nicer and easier to use: OneSignal vs FCM


Hi guys,

someone have a good example that sending a notification from the app with OneSignal?


I have used OneSignal and its working fine in ionic1 so I suggest OneSignal, its a best push notification provider and its easy to implment.
Just follow the steps given in


try to follow the steps given in and let us know in case of any issue.


For anyone considering OneSignal, beware of this, from this page.

Free - Best of all, OneSignal is a free service that supports unlimited devices and notifications. OneSignal makes money by selling data to advertisers and research companies. We also offer paid service options for clients that require increased data privacy.


NurGuz, Did you try with OneSignal? I’m also working with ionic1… Please share your solution :slight_smile:


Wow, interesting… Let me see.

Are u using OneSignal or other platform?




I’m using OneSignal in server, sorry!


No, I’m just using Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging.