OneSignal Or Firebase for notifications

As the title says, which one would be better, or which one are you guys using and what made you choose it. I am deciding between which to go with for push notifications.


I help work on OneSignal so I can’t offer an unbiased opinion. But one advantage of OneSignal is that we have a first-party and regularly updated Ionic SDK We’re also available for hands-on support any time through e-mail or our on-site chat system.

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I’ve just started using OneSignal today… I can’t believe it’s free? It’s so easy to setup and they have very good documentation + shortcuts!

The dashboard is pretty good too… I’m now plugging the server backend into OneSignal, hope all goes smoothly :slight_smile:

From what I see right now, it’s very convenient.


I can recommend OneSignal. Their service is awesome. Using them on iOS, Android, Web and via REST. Setup time is almost zero, documentation good and detailed and their support response time quick. And best of all it’s all free.


I would go with OneSignal since I can’t find any example/tutorials out there on how to implement Firebase push notifications on Ionic or Cordova.


Does OneSignal support both Android and iOS with Ionic 2?

Yes. It does support them.


Onesignal has ionic native support that make work really smooth here is ionic native documentation for one signal