Ionic package build ios not working anymore


I am working on an Ionic 1 project and as I am used to I just wanted to create an .ipa to test it on my real IPhone.

So I have tried “ionic package build ios --profile myprofiletag” and the app is packaging. But for some reason its not the app I work on, when I check the created (after download it from .ipa on the device there is just an Cordova Splash with a device ready image. So it seems like the link to my app is not working properly.

Usually that works very well, is there any possiblility to reset the files on the cloud?

By the way a few days ago it worked well, this happened after a blue screen caused by windows.

Thanks in advance, would love to continue using that cool tool.

Additional information: All builds succeed! and I am sitting on a windows machine, so I have no access on the iOS platform folder.