Package iOS only building default cordova app?

I am having a strange issue - where when I backage an iOS app it just packages the default cordova starter project, rather than my actual app?!
This only happens on iOS.
Using the same package command but flipping the switch to android, everything works.
Please help.

i’m using ionic v1.


I’m having this issue as well. I observed the zip being generated during the upload process and it appears that none of the www/ directory is being included. After inspecting the packaged ipa file I was unable to locate any of the app specific code, it only had the generic files of the regular cordova app.

Same issue for me :confused:

This issue is mentioned here, but I believe that the missing www contents you are mentioning are the probable culprit

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I have the same issue since this weekend

The package service says that my application is successfully built, but after installing
it, it never passes beyond the loading screen.

As @carsondrake mentions, after renaming ipa to zip, I was able to notice that my www folder was not copied into the new package.

The service doesn’t say there were any errors, so there seem to be internal issue where my www folder was not uploaded or not copied into the ipa package.

I tried manually updating the ipa with correct www folder, but I got installation error, so there is probably some sort of checksum check preventing this.

E-mail to the support redirected me to docs and forums, so I hope someone from Ionic checks here as I really rely on this service that seem to be broken right now.

It’s Ionic 2 in my case


I had the same problem and how to solve answers until the ionic team corrigija the problem: