Ionic Cloud - Ionic Package

I am finding that when I use the command “ionic package build ios --profile docsontapv2dev” the newly built package (ipa) in the Ionic Cloud is not being updated with my changes. As far as I can see I have followed the documented instructions correctly.

Update 1:
I removed the ios platform from my Ionic project and then added it back in. The first time around my build was updated with my code changes. Subsequent builds revert back to not updating.



There are some major bugs in the Cloud build, but like you I had no anwer when I report the issue: Ionic Services - Package/Cloud build does not respect the --prod flag

I did get an answer - but via twitter and email rather than this forum. In the end the problems that I was having were to do with a problem in my process. I was testing it by making small changes but not rebuilding or running (e.g. ionic serve) the ionic project in between “Package builds”. I presumed that “package build” would rebuild my www folder - however I found that was not the case - I now run a manual “ionic build dev” prior to doing any “package build”. That resolved the problem that I reported above. I’m not sure if that is the best way to work - but it was good enough to get me going.

Thanks daveywc - I will try the other contact methods