Ionic package build ios never finishes

I have builds that never finish! They just go away into the ether. Here is what I am getting:

id       | 28
status   | BUILDING
platform | iOS
mode     | debug
profile  | dev
started  | 2017-07-17T12:38:17.096Z
finished |

I don’t see any log files or any additional information. The status says “building” and it just says ‘building’ forever. It never changes.

This specific build has been ‘building’ for going on 2 hours now.

Obviously something has gone awry. But I cannot tell what.

Any ideas?

Nobody here can look inside the Ionic Package service, so:

Cool. Yeah, I contacted them and here was their answer (posted here in case it helps anyone in the future, though it is really a one-off):

Hi there,

I apologize for any inconvenience. Our package service’s queue for iOS builds was stalled for a few hours over night, causing a backlog of builds to complete. This has now been resolved, and all builds should process within the next hour or two.

Please let us know if you see issues persisting longer than that. Thanks!

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