Ionic Package is blocked

Hi Ionic Package is stoped from more than 2 hours only for Ios, for android work.
The status is allways on “Building” but I doubt its 2 hours for building, normaly my app time is 1 minute
Can you tell me if there is some problem?
(Scroll down to “Business and Customer Support” to report your issues)

same here … I reported the bug as sujan12 suggested and I will keep this thread up to date whenever I get updates on that case …

I hope they’ll fix it very soon. We would really need to get a new build …


They are investigating.

The package service is working again. Problem is fixed. The support team reported that to me and I can confirm that our builds are processing as usual. The reason for the problem the support team stated to me was a huge number of builds in the package queue due to some problems the night before.

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