Ionic Package Build Failing

i’m getting this error on ionic package build (for both ios and android)

Error: Error loading dependencies - ensure the plugin has been installed via cordova-fetch or run ‘npm install cordova-custom-config’: Cannot find module ‘lodash’

We cant figure out why it’s happening though, I dont think it’s related to the project it’s self as it’s building locally perfectly.

We’re running ionic package build android -p production --noresources --prod --release

Any help would be really appreciated
(Scroll down to “Business and Customer Support”)

what kind of response is that ??? from a moderator ??
Do you mean “go and fill out a bug report” or “here you’ll find an answer” ???
I’m facing the same issue and having a response of this quality is just sad…

I use to get this issue too.
when I update my cordova to 7.0.1 , some plugin error with Android,
then I downgrade to Cordova 6.5.0 it work fine for me.
try this if you have free time :smiley:

npm uninstall cordova ionic
npm cache clean -f
sudo npm install -g cordova@6.5.0

What else should I do?

I am a community member just like you and don’t work for Ionic, people working for Ionic don’t read or post here regularly, so if you have problems with and inside a service provided by Ionic the only way to get it resolved is by talking to them. The official way to do that is the link I posted.

So, respectfully, I think you should work on your attitude.

hi, thanks alot for your response Chung, I’ll try that… I just deleted my node_modules directory and running npm install again, I’ll see how it goes, maybe some packages where just out of date, I’ll keep you posted

thanks mate

I really don’t think that I’m out of line by telling you your answer was ‘sad’…

mate, your answer was just a plain link that leads to some section on the support page without any indication on what to do or anything …
a quick ( (quote:you) "people working for Ionic don’t read or post here regularly, so if you have problems with and inside a service provided by Ionic the only way to get it resolved is by talking to them, so go there
(Scroll down to “Business and Customer Support”) ") would be something useful for anybody facing the same issue …

I’m not here to flame you or anything, but you’re talking about attitude, have a look at a mirror …do you really believe that the way to answer some’s question, specially when you are a moderator ??

anyway, thanks for your contribution to the community and for your quick response…

have a nice day

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Yes. I think so.

I don’t have any obligation to you or anyone posting here, being a “moderator” is not a job description but just a note that I have additional “rights” that I can use to keep the community working.

I also think that coming into a community (this was your first post) and telling a moderator with >5k posts how to do their free work is exactly that: flaming - and just not appropriate.

You can of course contact me privately and I will happily tell you where to send the money to fund longer and more elaborate answers. These “quick” notes add up when posting a few dozens responses a day.

But of course feel free to just do exactly that yourself - if someone else replied before me I will happily not post “just” a link to a topic like this but like the post and move on.

right … let’s stop that mate…

I shouldn’t have came up to you like this , i m sorry … I ve just been banging my head on the walls for the last 24h straight trying to get this working, without any luck … when I finally been able to move forward, I found a post on the ionic forum talking exactly about the problem I’ve been facing for hours, so happy, to finally and up reading a post from the moderator saying … go there… without any more explanations… just frustrating / disapointing as hell !
So I guess this is not where I’ll find answers to my problems…

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Are you also using the cordova-custom-config plugin that is mentioned in the original post?

If so, is this enough to trigger the problem? Try creating a new blank project with ionic start blank blank, add the plugin, try to build with Ionic Package. If this is reproducible, put the repo on Github for others to play with. Maybe there is a workaround.

@jimdrury Did you fix this back in the day somehow?

thx, I’ll check it out next week and I’ll get back to you to tell you if it works or if I found another solution


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I had the same problem, but I realized that in my case I didn’t even need the cordova-custom-config plugin to override some AndroidManifiest.xml tags.
Actually after reading this ionic-cloud-angular issue, I checked the documentation of cordova plugin.xml in particular the edit-config part. I used the edit-config tag in my config.xml and it worked. I guess it also works in config.xml using some cordova versions, mine is 7.0.1.

Hope this helps someone.

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