Package build hook dependence issues

I have been using the ionic package build and really enjoy everything about it so far. I started having issues using non-https apis seeing how ios9 blocks all non-https activity from what I read. For the time being I cant change the api to https so I need to get the app to allow non-secure http traffic.

After some reading I found a few solutions one running a hook in after_prepare folder called update_platform_config.js to modify the NSAllowsArbitraryLoads attribute. Now when I send the build to the ionic servers it fails a few seconds later with an error “Cannot find module ‘lodash’” from trying to execute the hook. Iv added lodash as a dependence to the package.json file and the bower.json file and still get the same error. I know its failing to load the lodash dependence but Im just not sure how to get ionic to load the library before it runs my hook.