Ionic memory usage issue

Hi. I don’t know this is an issue but I wonder that. I develop an application on ionic. I have splashscreen and a main page that shows the menu when application open. I run application on my phone. And RAM usage is about 130-135 MB. Is this Ram usage is normal? I use a splashscreen , a background image for main page and css ifles.

My apk is 16 MB, it uses several plugins including a large one (PayPal) and app uses 62 MB RAM.
How big are your splash screens and background images?

I think I ask question wrong. I still develop my app. I run it on my android phone using Ionic cli.(ionic run command). App is open on my phone. It has splash screen and mainpage for menu. I look at how much memory it consumes, when it works. It conume about 130-135 MB.

Yes I understood it, that’s why I gave you an example of a finished application which has same elements as yours but 10 screens and few plugins but consumes 50% less RAM than yours. So I asked about the size of the images you use because for instance it is possible to crash an application in out of memory error with a splash screen that is too big.

ok. sorry. my background image is 628 kb.I have 8 splash screen for different size devices those are totlaly 994 Kb. I also create a blank ionic project(no sidemenu , no tab) . I run it my phone that it consume 30-40 Mb. It has nothing but it consumes that memory. Do you use special thing ? I can not understand why it consumes too arge memory.
Thanks again

OK, your images are normal sized.
Maybe that’s the build process you use, ionic starters are not very good in this aspect. Try generating an app with generator-m-ionic, this is what I use.

I think generator-m-ionic is a bit mixed. But , I will try it. I download from google play some inoic, apps. I try them. They also consume more memory. I research on net that this memory consume issue is general problem. Ther are a lot of question on the forum about this issue. But I can not show a solution about this. Do you know anytihng about this subject?
Thanks again.

I’m currently developing an app on both android and ios. My IOS seems to reflect the memory usage you have but my Android application is showing around 170mb ram usage. May I ask which platform you are running your application on.

My app runs on both ios and android.

Do you use crosswalk?

No I stopped using it.

in a view with a list with 200000 items, memory increases to 750MB. the problem is that memory is not released after leaving view! Sometimes GC do his work and releases some memory (not all) and app does not stops, but most of the time, GC does not releases memory and App stops

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I have managed to solve the issue of increasing CPU usage.
But the RAM still increases.

The heap size of my app is about 12MB and it is not increasing. So there is no memory leak.
Did you find any solution to the RAM increasing isaue?