How much memory should a simple Ionic App consume?

I have a stupidly simple app at this moment, really, a single view with a slidebox which have 4 slides, and a footer, that’s all. So, i’ve checked on this app memory usage and it’s using over 80mb of memory, which I find to be way too much for such a simple app.

Is it normal? What is the average ram consumption for ionic apps?

PS: If anyone wants to see the app, you can see it with Ionic View app with the id 65efd3fa:

It’s really a view with hard coded html so far, I don’t think it should be consuming so much memory.

The link broken with 500 so I cant check that, but 80mb memory cost is very strange. I’m building an app with a lot of Services and Plugins with Ionic and Crosswalk, it’s not over 40mb memory cost. Do you have some huge image or data cached?

All the ionic app i did are all in 80-100mb range.

My App have 20 pages and use many Cordova plugins for less 10 Mb but don’t have Crosswalk.