Ionic 2 app utilizes around 130mb of RAM on average

I made an app called SmartTask, it is available on Android store here: App The problem is it is showing 130mb of RAM usage in average. I don’t know whether this is normal for an ionic app or not.

I tried debugging through Chrome timeline whether there were any memory leaks. The js heap was almost constant so there were no memory leaks for sure. The app has a constant RAM usage around 130 mb and going up momentarily to 180mb.

Would really appreciate if someone had any ideas on this.

Clone one of the starter projects (templates for tabs, or sidemenu or similar), build the app and see how much RAM it needs. If you use a super simple template you have a baseline, if you use one of the more complicated ones you have a comparison.

Also: How much RAM do other apps use? Is this abnormal, too much?

Thanks @Sujan12, so I downloaded an ram monitoring app on android checked how much RAM facebook, twitter, etc consumed. Its seems that all of these app consume around 100mb range. So, am assuming there is nothing wrong with my app and moving on for now.

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