High memory usage with simple app

My application doesn’t have a whole lot going on, it loads a miniscule amount of plugins (just ngCordova with the camera plugin) and its functionality is 3 slides with a total of 5 images loaded from a server and cached in memory. (Each image is jpg format and under 15in in size)

Yet the application is burning through 180+ MB of RAM and I don’t understand why. I’ve been careful to not create new instances of objects in code .

Is this normal? How can I check what’s eating all the memory up? Apps memory is ridiculous from the moment it starts up and all that’s available is a login page.

Cordova/PhoneGap applications are known to eat a lot of memory.

Cordova + Ionic is sometimes ever worse match: Probably, but it doesn’t explain why Cordova with Ionic uses way much more memory than Cordova alone.

For example take a look at this forum post:

It is also possible you have a problem with a memory leak. I can’t see your code so I can’t tell you if this is the case. Not to mention Cordova plugins which can also be a cause for memory leaks.

I saw this thread, however in this thread it was stated that the application used 19-30MB of memory. That’s not much. It’s more than it needed to be, but it’s still not much.

I’m sitting at 108MB of RAM usage on a blank application. ( sidemenu starter project ). Which is rather rediculous. iOS (older versions) tend to terminate applications at 100MB.

NOTE: It seems there is a memory leak with switching pages in the default application. After changing pages rapidly and viewing memory usage I was sitting at 257MB. This was garbage collected a little later.