Ionic MBaaS with Java

Hello guys, first I apologise for my english, I’m not a native and a give my best shot here. :grin:

I’m new in this mobile and I have some doubs and maybe someone can give me a tips about my MBaaS.

For years I worked with Java, so I started to develop an app with Ionic using java as a mbaas (the communication with my front-end is using JAX-RS to REST and a JBoss Web Server) but reading some articles I don’t see no one using JEE as a MBAAS and I tried do research in web but I don’t find nothing relevant about why using or not using Java.

So anyone can share some experience or give a tips about the topic?

Thanks people, this forum is awesome.

what is MBaaS??? i only know BaaS… because an api is an api… if for webapps or mobile apps.

Yeah the advantage of ionic is to build up hybrid mobile apps with webtechnologies. If you need a backend as a api… the nearly choice is a webtech as well (see nodejs --> you can develop your whole environment with javascript!).

Java is for most cases too much in my eyes. I worked with Java, JBOSS and C#. And i won’t use that in any cases for an API or Backendsystem for small or medium sized businesses/apps. The whole process and system you need to run/build up is too much for me.

I like the old “hack-scripting” way --> change it and see it. Not change a little thing, compiling… wait… wait longer, … okay lets restart the server… hmm okay… Even the system and resources you need to run such backends are not the way i want to work.

I am a friend of nodejs (because of the asynchronous way and the easy usage) combined with expressjs. There are also really good and slim api-frameworks for other script languages like PERL, Python and PHP, which also follow the asynchronous approach. So you can develop fast and efficient apis and test your backend and everything else on an old and slow machine without the worrying about RAM usage and CPU load^^.

if you are going to ‘learn’ javascript you could do worse than spending time with nodejs or if you want to experiment a little with reactive stacks Meteor is fun and has some overlap with ionic these days.

If you want to build a more traditional REST stack I’m a big fan of python and flask but there are loads of choices out there.

Its safe to say that the web has pretty much settled on REST and json for the most part and supporting that will make your ionic/angular life easier thats for sure.

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Thanks for your answer @bengtler, mbaas is a backend only for mobile, in that case my Java Back-end will be only for ionic, but in the future this can be changed.
My choice for java is because I have experience, to me deploys and server cycle is not a problem. My real doubt is about the easy and fast way to develop the backend, but I need security, scalability, etc. In java EE environment I know that I’ll have this, but the cost is expensive when we talk about service resources.
I never develop things with javascript technology in back-end, my worry about these javascripts technologies is the time spend to learn everything and how the things work together (calls to rest, persist in database, permissions, auth, etc).

But if I decide to start with the back-end javascript how is the best choice in my case? I know javascript and angular but I don’t know how to use nodejs has a server, parse, etc.

Thanks @svenissimo , I’ll have a look in those technologies. I already know javascript, I don’t know the javascript server techs, this things is new to me and I have a bit of difficulty to choice the correct way to my needs, in this case security, auth, scalability, database connects, rest interfaces.