Easiest back-end platform to work with Ionic

I am new to the Ionic framework, as I understand it is used mainly to build the mobile App front-end and is based on AngularJS.
I am planning to create an App using the Ionic framework and I am trying to get opinions about the easiest platform to use as a back-end for an extensive database driven application.

So, should I be using Node.js or Java? Or it does not matter? How does the Ionic framework fetch the data to the front-end? Does it call Web-services? or?

I would appreciate if you post examples as well.


I would go Node.js. Node is javascript. In fact look at the MEAN stack, end-to-end javascript. Not to beat up on a Java backend but is not as popular as it once was. Look it up yourself but the last I checked more new backend projects are started with Node.js than any other language/framework.

Best of luck.

I do understand that Node.js is getting so popular but I will not decide on the back-end based on that. My question is maybe more “how does the Ionic framework fetch data?” - is it easier at all to fetch the data if you are using Node.js or it does not really matter? Does it require the data in a certain format that Node.js provides in an easier way than Java?

The question of whether programming in Node.js is easier than in Java or which is faster Node.js or Java, etc… is not really the scope of my question.

thanks for the reply… but please see my comment below

“Ionic” fetches the data via http requests, the data format is JSON, the backend, wether it is Node.js or Java, has to process the http request and retrieve the according data, and send it back to “Ionic” via http request again, and in JSON format.
Got it? So there is no easier back end between Node.js and Java, you have to learn how to work with http requests, at least, being very very simplistic…

If you are concerned in learning a back end technology, you should try using Firebase which is a BaaS - Backend as a Service, so you just have to pass the data and request the data, basically.