Import Ionic2 Material Design into Ionic1

Hi guys,

Is there any easy way to import Ionic2 Material Design into an Ionic1 project?
For example the touch effect on an ion-item is amazing.


Why not Ionic2? It’s better in every way possible.

But if you really just wanted the look & feel the closest thing would be Ionic Material (Unofficial)
Keep in mind that if you use Ionic Material then you will have material design across all platforms.

With Ionic 2 you get native UX/UI on both iOS and Android.

I already have an Ionic1 app in prod.
A v2 is not on the roadmap yet, I just want to add some slick effects on Android :slightly_smiling:
Ionic Material breaks everything in my project.

I tried to understand the ionic 2 source.
Do you know if the material design on the item (touch effect) is CSS or JS?

I believe that effect is called Waves.JS

It’s both CSS and JS

Thanks, this is it.
I’ll try to implement it in my app :+1:

Good luck!

Share the results once you’re done. I was actually going to implement that but then I decided to migrate to Ionic 2 since it suits my applications needs even though it’s still in alpha.

Actually it’s also named Ripple Effect.
I will finally pass, and focus on more urgent tasks.
Ionic 2 will be the framework I’ll use for material design.