Ionic & Material Design

Hi there
i found the ionic UI very simple , so i wanna integrate ionic with material design
my question , is that will infect the app performances ?
sory for my english

Do you mean angular material lib?
Ionic already provides a lot of read-to-use components - why do you feel like you need to add this additional components lib?

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ionic components are so simple , i want more interactivity, beauty , animations just like boostrap for html/css

In that case, angular material is nicely structured and allows you to import only the things you actually use, so it should be fine.

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thanks men , where i can find examples how to inegrate them ?
Thanks already :’)

You can use them the same as in any other angular project. looks like a good start.
Just try it in an empty Ionic project first if there are any specific issues.

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Hi again
i checked the website of angular material and i found this :

I don’t have actual experience (because I like the Ionic components very much, especially for mobile), so this is possible, but also this seems to be related to AngularJS - first version.
Are you using Ionic version 1 or latest version 3?
Make sure you are also using the corresponding version of angular material.