Ionic Local Notification only once scheduled on iOS until restart of I-Phone or I-Pad

Dear Ionic Community, maybe you can help me with an issue? I use “Local Notification” Plugin for Cordova by Katzer with @ionic-native/local-notifications module to recieve Local Notifications, if one user action occurs inside the app as a reminder for the user. It works perfect in Android system. Each time when the user action happens a local notification is send. It doesn’t matter if the user clicked on the notification and opens the app again. However in iOS its not the case. A local notification is always send if this user action happens, but not if the user opened the local notification one time. After that the I-Phone needs to restart, so that local notifications are send again. If the user opens one, again its not send until the user restarts the I-Phone (or I-Pad) again. Can you tell me the problem please? I dont understand this I-Phone issue! Thanks for your help.

After search of some days without success, i found the solution by myself. I dont know why but adding the attribute: foreground true solved the issue. However for Android i didnt need to add this attribute to local notification.

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Had same issue, thanks so much!!!

No way… even with Foreground: true, I cannot get any Ionic native local notifications… Did you solve it? how? Thank you