Local notifications not formed when app is in foreground in ios

Hi all! I am using firebase push notifications in my ionic application and push notifications are received on both foreground and background. For the app in foreground, i need to create local notification and i have added the code, but its not at all working for ios. For android its working as expected.
Could anyone suggest where the case fails??

On iOS, the app has to handle the reception of a push notification while in foreground.

You have to register to “notification” event, then create a local notification when a push notification has been received or, even better, display the received data in a well-designed dialog.

I am following the exact flow you have defined in my application. My application is receiving the foreground notification as well(‘onNotification’ function). In that function I am trying to create the local notification, but it’s either not formed or received by the onNotification function itself.

are u fixed above issue?