IONIC 3 Local notification not working in IOS with FCM


iam doing a project in ionic 3. Here in my project I’m using FCM version 2.9.2 for push notifications. There is no problem in android. In IOS, FCM Backgroundmode notifications is working fine. To handle FCM foreground notification i used the Local Notification plugin
this plugin iam using

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-local-notification@0.8.4

Here is the code to handle local notification when ever i receive FCM foreground notification

declare var cordova;

//Code to handle local notification
    title: 'My Local notification',
    text: 'Notification From Foreground...',
    foreground: true

The problem is when ever i receive a FCM notification in foreground, instead of showing a Local notification i am getting an alert with message(Testing fcm notification with alert).

My requirement is to show a local notification when ever i receive a fcm notification in foreground. Is there any way to handle this.

Thanks in advance…


I replied to your message in another topic:

It still doesn’t work 100% so if you figure it our, please let me know


I need the same , when i receive notification in foreground the xcode console typed:
“Application delegate received call to application:didReceiveRemoteNotification:fetchCompletionHandler: but the completion handler was never called.”
any idea ?


So, did you solve this problem? Any updates?