Ionic keyboard scrolls too much when keyboard type changes


There seems to be a problem with how much the view scrolls when the keyboard type changes.

The situation is as follows:

  • A keyboard of type X (i.e. text) is visible on screen
  • An input is near the bottom of the screen, e.g. the view must scroll to avoid keyboard overlapping the input
  • The input requires keyboard type Y (i.e. numerical)
  • The view is scrolled too much and the input is now invisible because it is at the top of the view

I’ve made a video that demonstrates this, available here:

We’re using ionic 1.5.0, cordova 5.1.1 and we’re using 1.0.5 of this keyboard plugin:

Any suggestions to avoid the view from scrolling too much?



I have exactly the same error. Any updates on this?

Using and $cordovaKeyboard.disableScroll(true); did the trick.