Keyboard scroll - pain forever

there is one thing I really hate during the process of creating ionic based app. It’s called keyboard. I use ionic-plugin-keyboard by default. And sometimes it makes big problems and sometimes it works fine. I really don’t know why, but it makes me mad.

There is demonstration of my most common problem:

I think it could be some Cordova problem, because it looks like there are huge mess in plugin control. Sometimes it helps just remove and add platform again, or use “ionic state reset”. But this is not real solution, because nobody knows what bad happened. And sometimes you need do something in iOS project with helps of Objective C and those solutions remove your new Objective C code.

Maybe you recommend me disable scrolling, but I don’t want to disable it.
When I disable it there is a problem that user couldn’t see input after click, which is bad for user experience.

Can you help me with that, please? I tried to google about this, but I didn’t find anything useful.

Thank you!