Jumpy scrolling with form inputs on iOS browsers

I’m working on a web app and having an issue with jumpy scrolling on a very simple form on iOS browsers. When an input is focused (either directly selected or when moving between inputs using the next/previous arrows on the onscreen keyboard), the entire screen’s content dives downwards before scrolling into its correct place.

Codepen here. To replicate, you can run fullscreen in the simulator or on your phone - it runs fine on desktop browsers.

This seems to be what cordova.plugins.Keyboard.disableScroll(true) is designed to address, but that obviously only applies for hybrid apps. It’s been discussed in this Github issue, but there’s been no recent activity on it (I’ve cross-posted there as well). Hoping someone’s managed to find a workaround.

I have same issue. Did you solve this problem?

Not yet, unfortunately.