Keyboard/Content driving me nuts!

Keyboard newly started pushing everything up and down, like flickering! i created new ionic project with a start up template just to confirm that it had nothing with my current implementation…

If someone could please check these two ionic view app id’s and tab on any of the inputs and watch how the screen almost flickers , like pushes content down of my whole view and up, and a white background appears.

App Id: / Ionicview.

Please do check them and let me know, i am frustrated by this, its ugly.

Please be informed that cordova.plugins.Keyboard.disableScroll(true);Is already set

The issues is that the whole view is pushed down and then pulled right up

Any one? i got the feeling its an IOS 9 issue… as this never appeared on my IOS 8

What i did is :

  • delete the existing plugin
  • install the other plugin : ionic-plugin-keyboard

then add this line to my config :

and added this to my index.html :

i don’t really know what solved this issue but it’s now working for me :slight_smile:

try and let the magic happen :wink:

Sadly i don’t like this approach :frowning: it pushes the header up when an input is on focus :frowning:

this is an IOS 9 bug… and still no fixes for it?