Ionic instead swift or java?

Look, here is my concerns:
Is using ionic means I dont need to learn swift or java at all for any cases?
In which cases ionic won’t handle some mobile app features?
Can I use ionic along with swift(objective-c) or java somehow?
I’m really bad orient in this forum, so If there was similar qs, pls just give me a link(s)

Ionic is a hybrid development framework, meaning it produces code intended to run “everywhere.” This approach produces code fast, but the code is not as precise as it would be if you coded just for native Android, for example. No hybrid app will handle all mobile features, because different platforms having different unique features.

The most direct connection of Java to Ionic is that many Cordova plugins are written in Java. So knowing Java will help you understand or write native plugins. I think Swift is something to avoid, since it doesn’t run on Android or Windows platforms, and Ionic is intended to run on those platforms. (Well maybe Swift runs everywhere if it’s translated into Objective C? I’m not sure. Something to figure out.)

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Thanks, pretty clear.