Ionic images appear on browser (ionic serve) and devices/emulator when run from command line but not when installing apk

So guys when I run my app with ionic serve and also from command line in emulators on actual devices with ionic run android -l -c Images in html views are shown with no problems, but I made an apk of the app and suddenly images aren’t showing.
Has someone else encountered this problem while testing a signed apk? (I’m in windows BTW)

Are we suppose to save images & icons in dir: rootdir/www/img or there’s other places I should be saving the resources of my app??

This is how my images are stored in folder structure

And this is how I’m referencing it from example from dashboard.html:

<img src="../img/icons/ic_reembolsomedicamentos.png" class="img"/>

update solved the issue strange bug just changed img reference to not go up one folder:

Not like this

USe this