Ionic and Android + iOS + Windows Phone support

Hello guys,

I’m about to start a new app and I’m choosing an UI framework to go along with angularjs on my cordova project.
The app will have to run on Android, iOS and Windows phone.

I already saw on the docs that Android support is limited to 4.1 and up and the Windows Phone is not officially supported. I also found some info saying that the support will be available soon… So I leave you a few questions:

Why is the main reason to not support at least Android 4.0?

What is not exactly supported on Windows Phone or is totally impossible to make a build?

If it’s possible, is there any example of a published Windows Phone app on the market using Ionic?

When will be the official Windows Phone support available? Maybe on 1.0 final release?

Are the performance consistent along all the platforms?

Regarding to performance is Ionic the way to go?

Thank you for your time.