Some Newbie questions

Hi, I’m starting learn ionicframework, with “ - Building Mobile Apps With the Ionic Framework and AngularJS”.

It’s a good tutorial, very complete, but I have some doubts.

. Can I publish for LG, fireos, windows and blackberry using ionic?
. Can I publish for ipad, using a PC?
. There is a cloud service to export my app for all platforms at once, as Phonegap?


Short answer:
Q1: depending on the support cordova and the used plugins have towards your chosen OS. Just google “ionic” and the OS to run on. What I undertand is that webkit(chromium, firefox, Ios) is needed to realy have an ionic app running smooth. Windows seems to be a bit of a headache…
Q2: No you can’t; to compile to Ios you need xcode wich only runs on a mac.
Q3: not as far as I know yet…

Hope it helps