Ionic for windows 10 mobile

Seems like the framework has an option for windows mobile development. My question is what version of Angular is supported?

Windows 10 Mobile support is handled by Cordova, support in the UI code of Ionic itself might be spotty as it is not one of the officially supported platforms. But generally you should get OK results as Edge, the webview of Windows, is pretty standards compliant.

Ionic v1 is made with Angular 1, AngularJS.
Ionic 2+ are made with Angular 2+ and each version is built with a pretty recent one at the time of release.

Current Ionic 3.9.2 is built on Angular 4.4.6.

Ok, thanks. For other platforms: Android and iPhone my devices are pretty old. Will that be a problem developing apps with Ionic and AngularJS?

You’ll want to test whichever versions of Android and iOS that you plan to release on. So if you’re targeting iOS 11, it’s good to have a test device that can run iOS 11 and you can confirm that everything is functioning correctly.