Static html website vs IONIC

Hello guys,

I have a new project, basically it’s 2-3 static html pages and a few modal pages with carousel, no http requests, and i am wondering if it’s a good idea to use IONIC Angular or vanilla javascript

Thank you

Why are you contemplating using Ionic in the first place? I ask because the most common answer to that question tends to be “because I want to submit to the Apple and Google Play stores and expect that Ionic will be a magic ticket for doing that”, and those (Apple in particular) are fairly unlikely to approve an “app” that consists only of what you describe here.

If you’re clear on all that, and are more interested in deploying a PWA that isn’t dependent on store policies, then carry on. My answer to your direct question is that you should use some framework - Ionic supports Angular, React, and Vue. What “vanilla JavaScript” tends to mean in practice is “I don’t feel like bothering to learn a framework”, which in turn eventually turns into “I ended up writing my own framework”, and then “it turns out that all the millions of hours that have been dumped into developing those major frameworks are hard to replicate”.

Hello repropos,

Thank you for your response.

Yes its a PWA, and i will build the website with IONIC and Angular